10/24/2016 04:56 EDT

Bacterial Vaginosis: Causes And Everything Else You Need To Know

It can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and frustrating.

There are times when our collective reluctance to discuss vaginal health can actually harm us, especially if you are dealing with bacterial vaginosis

The condition, in which the vagina is inflamed because of bacteria overgrowth, can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and frustrating — but the more you know about it, the more likely it is that you can treat it effectively and prevent it in the future.

"Bacterial vaginosis can be frustrating for women and physicians, because this complex condition is becoming more and more difficult to treat,” says Dr. Antonio Pizarro, an OBGYN in Louisiana.

"Some women suffer recurrence after recurrence treated with repeated course of antibiotics, for which diminishing returns are realized."

If you haven’t heard of bacterial vaginosis or don’t know what it is, check out the slideshow below to find out more or watch the video above.

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