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Parenting Hacks: Lazy Parent Tricks That Are Pure Genius

As the saying goes: necessity is the mother of invention.

As the saying goes "necessity is the mother of invention" and when we're tired, overwhelmed, out of ideas or just feeling plain lazy as a parent, sometimes we can come up with the absolute best parenting tricks.

Just check out the following Instagram posts. These parents might have hashtagged themselves as lazy, but we think they are geniuses. And we're stealing every single one of these brilliant plans for keeping our kids busy and happy.

1. Mark the piano keys when they're learning to play.

We fully expect him to teach himself how to play by himself now. #lazyparent #worksmarternotharder

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2. Make a game out of whatever you have in the house.

3. Let them get their own breakfast.

4. Eggs for dinner... three ways.

Eggs three ways. #dinnerforkids #quickdinner #lazyparent

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5. Give them a box to play with.

Because decorating a box is that much fun #addygrace #decorating #lazyparent #whateverkeepsthembusy

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6. Mow a "track" in your lawn for the kids to run laps.


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7. Let your kids draw on you!

Yes, you can draw on my legs. No, I haven't had my coffee yet. #LazyParent

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8. Picnic plates for lunch.

Picnic plates are almost everyday here @poodleslave #lazyparenting #butohsogood

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9. Make everything sound official and grown up.

10. Let the older kids teach the younger kids.

When one of my younger children asks me for help, I tell them to ask their older brother 😜🙌🏼 Who else does that?

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