10/26/2016 03:25 EDT | Updated 10/27/2016 10:36 EDT

Alexandra Samuel, Mom Of Son With Autism, Worries Police Could See Him As Danger

B.C. mom Alexandra Samuel recently shared an incredible experience she had with a Vancouver police officer.

Samuel's son is autistic and had a difficult experience on the side of the road. Instead of judging the mom or being aggressive, the officer was empathetic and took her cues from Samuel. She helped to calm the boy and waited patiently until help arrived.

"I thank heaven that you were the police officer who came to the scene," Samuel wrote.

You can read about the full experience in Samuel's blog "To The Police Officer Who Helped My Autistic Son."

In the video above, Samuel explains why this officer's reaction is so important and that she worries her son could be seen as a threat or a danger by police officers in the future. She has important advice for all of us on how to react.

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