10/26/2016 08:43 EDT | Updated 10/26/2016 08:48 EDT

Global Gender Pay Gap Won't Close For 170 Years: Report

The pay gap has also reverted to where it was in 2008.

GENEVA — A new report finds that the global gender pay gap will not be closed for another 170 years if current trends continue.

The World Economic Forum's annual Global Gender Gap Report also finds that the pay gap has reverted to where it was in 2008 after peaking in 2013.

The report says no country has fully closed the overall gender gap, but the five countries that top its Global Gender Gap index, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Rwanda, have closed more than 80 per cent of theirs. The index measures differences in economics, education, health and political empowerment.

The United States ranks 45th on the list and has closed more than 72 per cent of its gender gap.

Yemen comes in last of the 144 countries ranked in the index.

Read more about the gender pay gap in Canada.

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