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Paula Abdul Endorses Hillary Clinton In 'Troubling' U.S. Election

"Everything's going to end up being OK. It's just a nightmare right now."

The U.S. presidential election has felt like a reality show all year, and not just because Donald Trump is an actual reality TV star who pulls the genre's trademark tricks at debates like saying "I'll keep you in suspense" about whether or not he'll concede if he loses.

The two parties' debates were like audition rounds, with some candidates seemingly up there due to comedic value rather than competency. Then during the primaries voters methodically weeded them down on the Republican side or stretched out the tension on the Democrat side like a two-hour "American Idol" results show.

This isn't a totally off-base comparison either, as the 2012 "Idol" finale claimed 132 million votes cast, besting that year's presidential election by several million.

"It's been very troubling to watch but I'm for Hillary."

— Paula Abdul

While Paula Abdul had already departed the judges table by then, when the "Opposites Attract" singer spoke to Huffington Post Canada backstage at We Day to talk about her recent trip to Kenya (stay tuned!) we also asked her opinion on the race.

"I'll be glad when the election is over," she said, echoing pretty much everyone everywhere.

"It’s been very troubling to watch but I'm for Hillary. I just want her to win, I want her to win."

When asked why so many people talk about being anti-Trump rather than pro-Clinton she noted that "Nobody talks about how good Obama is either."

"I've never seen anything like this," she added. "Nobody has seen anything like this before, nobody has. No other country has. It's pretty interesting. I think when all's said and done, we'll all come together. Everything's going to end up being OK.

"It's just a nightmare right now. "

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