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Wheelchair Costumes: Dad Transforms Son's Chair Into Epic Ghostbusters Car

This is so cool.

Every Halloween, Ryan Miller transforms his son’s wheelchair into something epic. But this year, the California dad outdid himself when he turned his eight-year-old’s chair into a “Ghostbusters” Ecto-1 car.

The incredible costume features all the details of the film’s signature vehicle, including the Ghostbusters logo, a working siren and ghost-hunting equipment strapped to the roof. Miller’s son, Jeremy, is even wearing his very own Ghostbusters suit.

Watch the video above for a 360 view and to see how it moves.

In the past, Miller has built some pretty incredible costumes for his son, from a “Star Wars” snow speeder to the ship from “Jake and the Never Land Pirates.” Just take a look below:

2015: Star Wars snow speeder

Jeremy's Snowspeeder in action!

A video posted by Ryan Scott Miller (@ryansmiller) on

2014: Captain America’s motorcycle

Jeremy in his wheelchair as Captain America on his motorcycle! #halloween

A video posted by Ryan Scott Miller (@ryansmiller) on

2013: Mickey Mouse mobile

We took Jeremy's Main Street Electrical Parade costume to Disneyland's Main Street!

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2012: Never Land pirate ship

Jeremy and the Neverland Pirates!

A photo posted by Ryan Scott Miller (@ryansmiller) on

Jeremy was born with spina bifida, a birth defect where the spinal cord fails to develop properly, and has been using a wheelchair since the age of three.

That's why his dad decided to create these elaborate costumes to give Jeremy some positive attention. “When he’s out at school and things like that, he has his friends, but sometimes they run and they just leave him behind,” Miller, 37, told “Part of the reason we do this is because people come to him, so he’s the center of attention, and he loves it.”

This year, Miller decided to go with a “Ghostbusters” theme because his son is a huge fan.

Speaking to Mashable, the dad explained: “He's seen all three [Ghostbusters] shows and watches the cartoons on Netflix. He loves the music, he loves that it's a comedy with some pretty cool gadgets and adventure.”

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