10/31/2016 02:13 EDT

Nanchang Zoo Panda Wrestles Man Trying To Impress Women

Don't mess with a sleeping panda.

Let sleeping pandas lie.

Because if you don't, you just might end up like this smart chap, who apparently got into an impromptu wrestling match with a panda at a zoo in China.

A screengrab of surveillance footage from the Nanchang Zoo in China that shows a panda tackling a man. (Photo: Reuters/Screenshot)

According to the South China Morning Post, the 20-year-old was at the Nanchang Zoo last week when he tried to disturb the majestic Mei Ling, who weighs 120 kilograms.

He reportedly did it to impress two women who were with him at the zoo.

Panda just wanted to play

Footage of the incident, which you can watch in the video above, shows the man walking up to the panda and tapping it on its head. The animal then charges at him and knocks him down.

The two then awkwardly wrestled for five minutes, according to CBS News, before the man managed to flee.

Luckily, only the man's pants were harmed.

The zoo's manager said the intruder was lucky the panda was in a playful mood, according to The Telegraph. Otherwise he could have gotten seriously hurt.

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