11/01/2016 10:28 EDT

Paul Bernardo Day-Parole Hearing Set For March

TORONTO — Notorious killer Paul Bernardo is scheduled for a day-parole hearing next March.

The lawyer for the families of Bernardo's murder victims, 14-year-old Leslie Mahaffy and 15-year-old Kristen French, says he believes Bernardo will never get parole.

Tim Danson says there have been many dates set for day-parole hearings, but all of them have been adjourned.

Nonetheless, Danson says the process has "gutted'' the families of his victims, but he believes Bernardo will die in prison.

Bernardo was sentenced in 1995 to life with no chance for parole for 25 years for raping and murdering Mahaffy and French.

He was also given a dangerous offender status for admitting to raping 14 other women.