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WATCH: Plus-Size Women Re-Create Fashion Ads

Proving women of any size can be high-fashion models, too.

Almost every woman struggles to feel beautiful, and a lot of that has to do with fashion magazines.

With each page we flip, we often see beautiful, light-skinned, slender women modelling dreamy garments in gorgeously produced advertisements. This leads to many women comparing themselves to high-fashion's elite standards of beauty and feeling like they don't belong, because only one type of woman is represented.

But just because a woman has curves, doesn't mean she can't model like fashion's It girls.

In the video above, the team at Buzzfeed battle the fashion world's lack of body diversity by having plus-size women re-create six of 2016's best high-fashion ads.

From Gigi Hadid's Tommy Hilfiger fragrance ad to Kendall Jenner's #MyCalvins photo shoot, the plus-size models pose exactly like their supermodel counterparts, proving they, too, can take a high-fashion image and turn it into something beautiful.

"This shows you can be beautiful at any size and that fashion is for everybody," Kelsey Rose says in the vid.

To check out all the re-created ads, watch the video above!

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