11/01/2016 12:11 EDT

WATCH: What Not To Say To Someone With Breast Cancer

Saying "Just let me know what you need" can actually do more harm than good.

For a woman battling breast cancer, a good support system is imperative.

However, for those people offering support, it can be difficult to know what to say to your loved one battling the illness. Young people with breast cancer in particular have unique care needs, such as challenges with fertility, relationships, body image, or financial concerns that may be different than older patients, according to Rethink Breast Cancer's Give a Care initiative.

In the video above, Renee Kaiman and Tamar Mandel, both breast cancer survivors, explain what you shouldn't say to someone with breast cancer.

Things like "They're just boobs," "So you're cured, right?" and "Just let me know what you need" actually do more harm than good, according to these women.

Watch the video above to learn what not to say to women with breast cancer — and what you should be saying instead.

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