11/02/2016 05:01 EDT | Updated 11/02/2016 05:04 EDT

Brodie Rae Christensen Jailed After Blowing Through School Zone At 122 Km/H

He chose the wrong day to pull something like this.

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zone 30km/hr sign for school time

EDMONTON — A man who chose the wrong day to zoom through an elementary school zone in Edmonton going 122 kilometres an hour will spend a week's worth of time behind bars.

Brodie Rae Christensen, who is 26, was sentenced Tuesday in a case provincial court Judge Elizabeth Johnson calls disturbing.

Court was told Christensen was angry and frustrated with the slow pace of traffic in a west-end neighbourhood on Oct. 2 of last year.

He floored it and drove around the vehicle ahead of him before barrelling through the 30-kilometre-an-hour zone at Sherwood School, where police had chosen to set up a radar gun the same day.

A Crown prosecutor says the accused showed total disregard for the kindergarten-to-Grade 6 students who attend Sherwood.

Christensen will serve his time on weekends and he's also been banned from driving for a year.

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