11/02/2016 02:59 EDT

Dating Personalities: Find Your Perfect Match

Avoid the personality clash.

If you’ve ever worked for a decent-sized company odds are you’ve taken a MBTI personality test. You may even be able to rattle off the four letters that make up your personality type, whether you're ISFJ or INTP or ESTJ.

But you may not have given much thought about how those types can influence your relationships, especially those beyond the workplace.

Personality typing is not an exact science but it can give you powerful new tools for things that can be challenging to do without a strong focus — like dating. If you think of dating as a marketplace it’s not a very good one, says Jeremy Arnold, co-founder of an in-development dating app called Launch.

There are more than 10 million single Canadians and more than 1,000 dating apps out there, but research shows that only seven to eight per cent of those Canadians will establish a meaningful connection online this year, Arnold says. But he and his team think their app, which is built in part with the principles of MBTI personality typing, can help.

“Why aren’t they finding each other? Personality types are a big part,” Arnold says. "Existing services are focused on making dating easier for people who already love online dating. That's a minority. Most of us aren't wired for it."

Launch’s algorithm will be based on a variety of factors — not just personality type —but having a basic understanding of it can help you figure out why you aren’t connecting with someone who seems like a great match in other ways, or why you’re particularly drawn to people with certain traits. It can even help you get through a blind date without being stymied by initial impressions of a person based on a clashing personality factor.

Read on to learn about MBTI and how a little bit of knowledge of it — and Jung’s theories that influence it — might give you a leg up towards relationship success.

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