11/02/2016 10:47 EDT

Mr. Dressup Facts: Canadians Share Memories Of Our Beloved Icon

So much nostalgia.

Twenty years have passed since the iconic kids’ show “Mr. Dressup” last aired, but Canadians still have plenty of fond memories to share about the series and its beloved host, Ernie Coombs.

On Reddit, one fan posted a touching letter and photo he received from Mr. Dressup himself, many years ago.

In response, many Redditors agreed that the post was a blast from the past, with one even describing it as “too much nostalgia to handle.”

“This made me tear up, this is beautiful,” one wrote.

“Can't even tell you how much I would've loved to have this as a kid. Heck, as an adult...” another added.

The post also prompted other Redditors to share their own stories of Mr. Dressup, all the while revealing little known facts about the beloved TV star.

Here are six new things we’ve learned:

1. He often drew photos for his fans.

2. He was presumably a vegetarian.

3. He was a “warm and comforting” man (but we already knew that).

4. He died one week after 9/11.

Coombs was 73 years old when he died of a stroke in 2001.

5. His show helped kids learn English.

6. His wife died in a tragic car accident in 1992.

Marlene Coombs passed away at age 55, leaving behind her husband, three kids, two granddaughters and two step-grandsons.

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