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Tippi Hedren 2016: Daughter Melanie Griffith Shares 3 Generation Photo Of Hollywood Glamour

"The progression of life is really beautiful."

Melanie Griffith and her family are blowing us away with one of the most glamorous three-generation photos we’ve ever seen.

Griffith recently posed with her mother, legendary actress Tippi Hedren, and her daughter, actress Dakota Johnson, for Vanity Fair and posted the stunning shot to Instagram.

Dakota, Mama and me. 3 generations of actress's. Vanity Fair is so sweet to have us💕

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According to the magazine, this is the family’s first formal portrait together. Not only are all three women gorgeous as ever, but the photo exudes their love and affection for one another.

In the sweet photo, Johnson, 27, has her arms wrapped around her 86-year-old grandmother, who is the picture of elegance in a gorgeous shimmering gown. Griffith, 59, is seated to Hedren’s left, affectionately resting her hand on her mother’s lap.

“The three generations just made me think about Mom, born in 1930, and me, in the ’50s, and Dakota, in the ’80s,” Griffith told Vanity Fair. “The progression of life is really beautiful.”

Good genes clearly run in this family, but what’s remarkable is how much Johnson looks like her grandmother during her younger years.

Just take a look at this photo comparison of the two.

Both have the same slim nose, high cheekbones and big, bright eyes.

Griffith also looked more like her mother when she was young. Here’s the pair in 1967. Hedren would have been 37, while Griffith would have been 10.

My beautiful Mom and me❌⭕️❌⭕️ circa 1967

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Griffith and her family have always been very close, however, just because these ladies are all actresses, doesn’t meant they give each other acting advice. “No, we never even talk about it,” Hedren admitted to Vanity Fair. “Isn’t that interesting?”

While the family’s portrait in the magazine was their first formal one together, Griffith often shares sweet snaps of the three generations on Instagram.

Banderas Griffith Hedren Johnson 3 generations of love

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Griffith, who is the only child of Hedren, has three kids. Besides 27-year-old Johnson, who she had with ex Don Johnson, Griffith is also a mom to 31-year-old Alexander, who she had with ex Steven Bauer, and 20-year-old Stella (pictured above), who she had with ex Antonio Banderas.

One more cuz I love them so much❤️

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