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Toronto Makeup Artist Setareh Hosseini Creates Stunning Horoscope Looks

OK, you caught us. We love horoscopes. Who doesn't? We love them so much, in fact, that we check them on the regular to see the week we're about to have and we constantly blame Mercury Retrograde when something goes wrong.

Other things we love? Makeup. Obviously.

So what happens when you mix the two together? Makeup artist Setareh Hosseini's brilliant horoscope beauty looks on Instagram.

Over the past few months, the Toronto-based makeup artist, who has always had a fascination with Astrology, has created a stunning series of beauty looks for every star sign in the zodiac.

Every look posted by the 24-year-old MUA is accompanied by a caption that explains the zodiac's personality traits and how they influenced the makeup.


"Astrology has influenced me in many ways. I've studied much about the star signs, mostly because I feel a strong connection with my own star sign, Aquarius," the makeup artist said in an email with HuffPost Canada Style. "My mother is also an Aquarius, she was born a day after me and were very much alike. My name 'Setareh' also means 'Star' in my language of Farsi. In fact, everybody knows me as Star Hosseini."

When asked what look was her favourite, Setareh said she adored all of her creations, but in particular she loved her Sagittarius look.

"My boyfriend is a Sag, and I admire the Sagittarius personality more than any other star sign. Mainly because of his impeccable sense of humor and constant hunger for knowledge," she said.

Check out the rest of the looks below!

For more makeup based on your Astrology sign, check out the video above!

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