11/03/2016 06:39 EDT | Updated 11/07/2016 05:36 EST

Vogue Magazine Loves Canada's Prairie Provinces

The magazine has a "must-visit" guide to the prairies.

The editors at Vogue magazine seem to be having a love affair with Canada's prairie provinces.

In the past two weeks they've published two online articles; one recommending their top picks for dining out in Alberta, and the other a "must-visit" guide to Saskatoon and Winnipeg.

"Beginning in Alberta’s capital in Edmonton and extending through the rural, rolling hills into Calgary, there’s a rising food scene that’s delicious enough to lure any alpine enthusiast off the slopes and into the restaurants...," they write of Alberta eateries, suggesting that visitors dine at Pigeonhole in Calgary, The Westwood food truck in Turner Valley, and a round of cocktails at Edmonton's North 53.

They also proclaim that "Saskatoon and Winnipeg are stealthily gathering cred among those in the know."

The Saskatoon Farmers' Market gets a shout out, as do the pasta dishes at Little Grouse on the Prairie.

In Winnipeg, the magazine recommends a stroll around city's historic Exchange District before stopping in for some pampering at the Thermëa spa.

Want to know more of what Vogue deems worthy in Western Canada? Check out more of their suggestions in our video above.

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