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Best Hairbrushes: The Brushes Hairdressers ACTUALLY Swear By

When we think of hair products and tools, usually things like a hair dryer, straightener and curling iron come to mind.

But one item that's often neglected? A hairbrush.

Hairbrushes are an integral part of anyone's hair care routine, whether it be to detangle your locks, give you the perfect blowout or pull your back into a sleek ponytail. Heck, Marcia Brady famously brushed through her hair 100 times a night to maintain her gloriously silky locks.

But with so many different brushes at different price points on the market, it can be difficult to navigate through them and find the best fit for you. So, with this in mind, we decided to ask hairdressers and hairstylists to share with us the brushes they swear by.

Check them out below! And for tips on how to clean your hairbrush, watch the video above.

  • YS Park Hair Brush - Tortoise - Wood Air Vent Cushion Hair Gloss Flat Eco Styler Brush - YSBR90CS2
    YS Park
    "For sure the most money I have ever spent on a brush, but this is pure gold. It smooths the hair out so easily ... working on set it's my go-to 'most uses' brush. The flexible plastic and boar bristle combo helps to control the hair and give the tension needed to blow dry straight without the hair getting too flat." — Matthew Collins, celebrity hairstylist, L'Oreal Pro International ambassador and DYSON ambassador.

    $198. Available at
  • RAINCRY Professional Natural Boar Bristle Round Brush
    "It uses boar bristle root which makes for a much stronger brush, helping to create smooth strands and added volume. The spacing between the bristles allows for quicker drying time as well." — Justin German, Pantene consulting stylist.

    $64 for Medium (55mm). Available at
  • Kevin Murphy Smoothing Brush
    Kevin Murphy
    "It's waterproof and lightweight to eliminate hand and wrist fatigue. Gentle wild boar bristles keep the hair strong, eliminating static, frizz and cutting down your breakage. It's made of Bamboo! Eco friendly!" — Kelly Woodford, owner, The Sapphire Hair Lounge.

    $49.90. Available at Amazon.
  • Balmain Large Round Brush
    "My go to brush is the Balmain round brush — it's ceramic coated so it makes it very easy to give a flawless blow out on every hair type at the same time locking in hair moisture." — Roger Medina, celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist, Garnier Canada hair expert.

    Balmain Large Round Brush, $58. Available at
  • Mason Pearson Hair Brush
    Mason Pearson

    "Mason Pearson brush is my holy grail paddle brush. It's great when brushing out curls without worrying about static!" — Roger Medina, celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist, Garnier Canada hair expert. $319.98. Available at Nordstrom.
  • Ibiza Hair EX3 Rounded Brush
    Ibiza Hair
    "My favourite hairbrush is the Ibiza Hair EX3 Rounded Brush. It’s made with natural boar bristle so it doesn’t pull the hair when brushing and it’s very lightweight and easy to use. We sell it at LAC + CO. " — Tony Pham, owner, LAC + CO.

    $48. Available at LAC + CO.
  • Denman Styling Brush
    "I really like the Denman brush. Due to its rubber core, it retains heat and helps dry hair faster when blow drying. I'm not the biggest fan of brushes with a metal core so I appreciate the Denman brushes most for that reason." — Dante Perrone, Canadian creative consultant, John Frieda. $12.59. Available at

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