11/04/2016 12:17 EDT

TIME's Cover Is A Friendly Reminder That We're Almost Free (OR NOT)

Have you heard about that whole U.S. election thing?

You know, that thing you've been seeing, reading, and hearing about on every kind of news medium for what seems like an eternity?

Well, in case you haven't been brought up to speed on America's democratic marathon, TIME magazine has a friendly reminder:

"THE END IS NEAR," screams the magazine's newest cover.

Four days from now, American voters will choose between Donald Trump, the billionaire who is literally still the Republican candidate, and Hillary Clinton, the first female presidential nominee in the country's history.

Will Trump (continue to) defy the natural laws of our mortal realm and somehow win? Will Clinton smash that massive glass ceiling and become the first female president? Will 2016 manage to become an even bigger s***stain on humanity's calendar?

Time will tell.

Good luck, America. No pressure.

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