11/07/2016 10:34 EST

This Penguin Brawl Is All Of Us When We See Our Partner Cheating

We are all this betrayed penguin.

Penguins really take love seriously.

In a new video from National Geographic that has gone viral, a male penguin comes home to discover that his mate has partnered up with another penguin.

After discovering this treachery, the hurt penguin goes in for the kill, literally, and starts to fight with his partner's new lover.

In the video, which so far has more than 12M views on Facebook, the two male penguins go at each other, even trying to poke out their eyes with their beaks in the bloody battle.

Check it out below (warning: graphic content):

Eventually, the love hurt penguin realizes he's lost the fight for his lady love, stands down from the battle and leaves his mate, who stays with the homewrecker.

Not surprisingly, the Internet reacted with plenty of feelings.

You will find love again, penguin!

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