11/08/2016 08:37 EST | Updated 11/08/2016 08:47 EST

Alec Baldwin Nearly Sprained His Jaw Impersonating Trump

He's probably hoping he won't have to do four more years of impersonations.

Plenty of people will be unclenching their jaws in relief if Donald Trump loses the U.S. election.

But, they've got nothing on how Alec Baldwin will likely feel.

The "Saturday Night Live" star's Trump impersonations had many laughing, but they brought the actor some pain.

"I almost sprained my jaw pushing my lower jaw forward to talk the way he does and say Putin," Baldwin said on WNYC's "The Brian Lehrer Show" on Tuesday.

Trump himself was not a fan of Baldwin's impersonation.

Back in October, the GOP candidate called the SNL portrayal a "hit job" and an "unfunny" one at that.

Baldwin's younger brother Stephen, an ardent Trump supporter, told The Hollywood Reporter that he also wasn't a fan.

Baldwin and his fellow cast member Kate McKinnon, who portrays Hillary Clinton, will be performing in a SNL election special on Tuesday evening.

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