11/08/2016 10:42 EST | Updated 11/08/2016 11:15 EST

Adorable Hillary Clinton Supporter Fell Asleep Holding Her Action Figure

At least one American slept soundly on the eve of election night.

Writer Sara Spruch-Feiner captured this adorable photo of her cousin, who fell asleep on Monday night clutching a Hillary Clinton action figure.

"There's something about this picture that is peaceful in the midst of what has been a vitriolic campaign," Spruch-Feiner said in an interview with Inside Edition.

Five-year-old Adele, carried the doll with her when she accompanied her mother to vote on Tuesday morning, reported Refinery29.

Clinton's candidacy has had a positive impact on girls in the U.S.

A New York Times poll found that half of teen girls say Clinton's campaign has made them feel more likely to run for leadership positions.

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