11/08/2016 08:02 EST | Updated 11/08/2016 08:11 EST

Toronto Women Wear Pantsuits At City Hall In Support Of Hillary Clinton

For Canadians channeling their inner nasty woman, there's only one dress code.


Calling themselves #PantsuitNation, Toronto women wore Hilary Clinton's signature look to show support for the Democratic presidential candidate.

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Women wear pantsuits in support of Hilary Clinton (Photo from Facebook page "Canadian 'Pantsuit Nation' for Hillary Nov. 8 Nationwide.")

And what better place to flaunt their political stuff than in front of city hall's iconic Toronto sign?

Pantsuit squad, assemble!

The impromptu meetup happened because of "Pantsuit Day," which encourages Clinton supporters worldwide to don their best power uniform on election day.

Proud pantsuit-wearing local Tracey Nolan told Metro that women wearing the suit are also wearing layers of political symbolism.

“It’s utilitarian, it gets the job done, it’s sort of all the things people say about Hillary in a negative way,” she says.

Toronto For Everybody got in on the fashion fun with a store sign mimicking those from local establishment Honest Ed's.

#PantsuitNation's origins come from a Clinton solidarity Facebook group with more than two million members.

Other Clinton supporters in the U.S. chose to wear white, paying tribute to suffragettes.

The colour is closely related to women's rights and Clinton's white pantsuit from the Democratic National Convention.

Clinton has distant French-Canadian ancestry, CBC reports.

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