11/08/2016 10:03 EST

Trump's Site Exploit Let People Write Whatever They Want On It

There wasn't a wall to prevent people from messing with Donald Trump's website on election day.

Somebody figured out that they could make any words appear on the nominee's official website by exploiting a bug in how it brought up results for his press releases.

By adding text after the backslash of "," the Internet had one last hurrah Tuesday.

Many called the exploit "hacking." However, the flaw wasn't a malicious attack and could be chalked up to a coding oversight.

It was fun while it lasted: hours after the "hack" was first discovered, the exploit was fixed and the URL began re-directing to the front page.

A Twitter user pointed out another way to edit Trump's site, but it won't be viewable to anyone else.

If you missed out on the website shenanigans, Veto Trump mirrored the website's header and lets users recreate the coding flaw.

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