11/08/2016 03:14 EST

Winter Boots 2016: The Best Boots For Beating The Snow

Fulfill your desires for fashionable and functional footwear.

To quote the words of the courageous and dashing former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Jon Snow, "Winter is coming."

Winter 2016/2017 has been predicted to be a grim and frigid one in Canada, which means we must take measures to prepare.

And when it comes to preparing for a cold Canadian winter, residents north of the wall (a.k.a. the 49th parallel) take it very seriously. Donning two, three, and sometimes, even four layers of clothing becomes the norm before leaving one's home. And having the proper footwear is vital during the months of torturous cold weather.

As your resident HuffPost Canada shoeaholic, I've scoured far and wide for the best winter boots for your tootsies. From short to tall boots fit for every budget, I've found the perfect winter boots that will fulfill your desires for fashionable and functional footwear. Make sure to click on the gallery below, and begin loading up your online shopping cart with one (if not more) of these recommended picks.

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