11/09/2016 02:27 EST

36 Times Ryan Gosling Looked Adorable. Enjoy.

Just adorable photos of RGos for you to enjoy on this rough day.

Hey girl,

We know today has been hard.

You woke to news you probably didn't ever think you'd hear. And that's been not only difficult, but emotional. That stinging in your heart? We're feeling it too.

So we wanted to bring a little bit of joy to your life on this day that feels like the apocalypse is alive and well. And for that, there are 36 adorable photos of Ryan Gosling in the video above for you to gaze upon, get distracted by and maybe forget about the state of the world for just one minute.

If there's one thing we've learned in 2016, it's that Ryan is always there to give out hugs when we need it most:


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P.S. - For those who need extra loving and smiles, we've got 100 more photos of Ryan in the slideshow below. Again, please enjoy those.

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