Van Jones Speech: Political Commentator Perfectly Sums Up Fears Of All Parents

"How do I explain this to my children?"

Political commentator Van Jones perfectly summed up the fears of all parents following Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election.

“It’s hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us,” Jones said during a guest appearance on CNN Tuesday night. “You tell your kids, ‘Don’t be a bully.’ You tell your kids, ‘Don’t be a bigot.’ You tell your kids, ‘Do your homework and be prepared.’

“Then you have this outcome, and you have people putting children to bed tonight and they’re afraid of breakfast. They’re afraid of ‘How do I explain this to my children?’”

On Twitter, a number of parents asked that very same question.

Jones, who is a father of two, also acknowledged that race is an important issue to tackle when talking about this election.

“We've talked about everything about race tonight,” he said. “This was a white-lash. This was a white-lash against a changing country, it was a white-lash against a black president in part. And that's the part where the pain comes.

“Donald Trump has a responsibility tonight,” he continued. “To come out and reassure people that he is going to be the president of all the people who he insulted and offended and brushed aside.”

On Twitter, users recognized the struggle of explaining this to children and applauded Jones for articulating every parents' feelings.

Watch the video above to hear Jones' full commentary.

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