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How To Use Dry Shampoo: Tips And Tricks To Avoid That Chalky Look

The solution to that chalky white residue.

If you're like us, dry shampoo is probably a staple in your arsenal.

The magical hair product, which comes in spray or powder form, instantly refreshes dirty locks, giving you cleaner-looking hair, sans the shower.

However, have you ever noticed that powdery film that's left on the top of your head after applying dry shampoo? Well it turns out, this happens because you're using it all wrong.

In the video above, celebrity hairstylist Matthew Collins demonstrates the correct way to apply dry shampoo. The key is to not spray it all over your head, but rather to work it into sections to really absorb all the oils on the scalp. Once you've finished spraying, massage through the roots to ensure there's no chalky white residue remaining.

And in case you do see a trace of powder, you can use a blow dryer to get rid of it.

Watch the video above to see Matthew's technique in action!

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