11/10/2016 03:58 EST

This Brilliant Woman Uses Pizza Grease To Easily Remove Her Lipstick

This is a friendly reminder that pizza will solve all your problems.

Hungry? Eat pizza. Lonely? Pizza's always there for you. Remove your makeup? Yes, pizza does deliver.

Seventeen writer Kelsey Stiegman, who rightly considers pizza a well-balanced meal, proved the latter with a completely legit scientific study involving herself and a pepperoni slice.

The results were life-changing.

With the makeup wipe industry completely devoured, who knows what else the humble cheesy food can do for beauty?

Maybe pizza-flavoured lip balm?

Or actually bake your face with a pizza highlighter?

A photo posted by TheBeauty2go (@thebeauty2go) on

The pizzabilities are endless.

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