11/10/2016 04:31 EST | Updated 11/10/2016 08:47 EST

West Shore RCMP Step In To Babysit At Daycare In Langford, B.C.

This is so nice.

If this isn't a feel-good story, we don't know what is.

A daycare provider in Langford, B.C. had a medical emergency on Tuesday and had to call 911.

The caregiver was taken to hospital as a precaution, leaving four children behind. Three officers from the West Shore RCMP stepped in to watch the kids until their parents could come pick them up.

"It's quite an unusual call for us, let alone dealing with four young children. We had to improvise a little bit," Const. Alex Bérubé told The Huffington Post B.C.

"They introduced us to their toys and their games, and we played along."

Const. Alex Bérubé was one of three Mounties who babysat children in Langford, B.C. when a daycare provider had a medical emergency. (Photo: West Shore RCMP)

The Mounties brought out the Play-Doh and Hot Wheels, and some balloons around to keep the kids occupied. Bérubé also played some music that his own son enjoys, and the group had a sing-a-long.

"We're all fathers that responded to this call, so it was just natural for us. We know that it can be hard to reach parents for them to come and pick up their children."

Berube said the kids seemed to trust officers in uniform.

"Police officers have to wear different hats every day, and this just happened to be the hat we wore that day."

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