11/14/2016 12:00 EST

Calgary Helps Broke Jamaican Bobsled Team After Van Breaks Down

Could this be the "Cool Runnings" sequel we've been waiting for?

Calgary has proven once more that it has the Jamaican bobsled team's back after the group was stranded with a broken-down van.

The 12-member team, who are back in the city to train for the 2018 Winter Olympics, ended up stuck on the side of Beddington Trail on Saturday.

“Our van kicked the bucket,” the team posted to Twitter.

Good Samaritan David Schnerch was driving by when he spotted the team's jackets. He made two trips to deliver the entire team to Canada Olympic Park for a race, reported Global Calgary.

Kathleen Pulito, the team's director of social media, told CBC News that the group is living "hand to mouth" while training in Canada.

"Our coaches aren't even here because we can't afford to pay them and they have mouths to feed," she said, adding that the team only has $1,700 to its name.

When reports of the team's financial trials hit social media, Calgarians stepped in to help them get back on track.

Driving Force, a local trucking company, lent the team a new van and gave them $2,500 for gas and food, said CBC News.

Calgarians have also started a GoFundMe campaign to help the team buy a new vehicle.

Jamaica's bobsled team has special ties to Calgary – they made their Olympic debut at the city's 1988 games, which inspired the story for the film "Cool Runnings."

"We want to thank all of #Calgary for rallying behind us today - we thank you for all the support and love," the team tweeted Sunday.

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