11/14/2016 07:02 EST

Majid Jowhari, Liberal MP, Apologizes For Selling Himself As Licensed Engineer

His license was cancelled in 1995.

OTTAWA — A rookie Liberal MP has apologized for incorrectly selling himself to voters as a professional engineer during last fall's federal election campaign.

Majid Jowhari, MP for the Toronto-area riding of Richmond Hill, now says he was licensed as a professional engineer from 1995 to 1999, after which his licence was cancelled for non-payment.

Under the Professional Engineers Act, unlicensed individuals are prohibited from using the titles "engineer'' and "professional engineer.''

Yet Jowhari used both those terms to describe his credentials during an all-candidates debate.

Liberal MP Majid Jowhari has apologized for incorrectly referring to himself as a licensed engineer during last year's election.

As a result, Professional Engineers Ontario, the regulatory body for the profession in the province, charged Jowhari with violating the act.

However, it withdrew the charges after Jowhari agreed to pen a public letter of apology and donate $5,000 to the Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education.

"I did not intend to mislead anyone."

In the letter, published Monday, Jowhari says his description of his credentials at the all-candidates meeting was "unscripted'' and "incorrect'' and, in retrospect, "potentially misleading.''

"I did not intend to mislead anyone. I regret these statements and sincerely apologize for my actions,'' he writes.

"This experience has taught me a valuable lesson about the need for precision at all times when addressing my engineering education and credentials. In the future, I will refrain at all times from using restricted titles without clarifying that I was a member of PEO and am no longer licensed as a professional engineer.''

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