11/14/2016 03:54 EST

The Beaverton Takes Aim At Those Who Blame Rachel Notley For All Of Alberta's Woes

Leave it to The Beaverton.

The satire website and television newcomer recently released a farcical video ribbing Alberta premier Rachel Notley.

They take aim at those people who like to blame Notley for every one of Alberta's woes — but the tone is almost a little too accurate.

"Since taking power in 2015 NDP premier Rachel Notley has, according to conservative uncles everywhere, been a disaster for Alberta," the video begins.

It then goes on to blame Notley for setting the Fort McMurray wildfires "in order to decimate the oil industry" — which, unbelievably, is something that people actually accused her of at the time.

notley wildfire

(Photo illustration: The Beaverton/YouTube)

Several "Albertans" list off other reasons why they believe Notley should "resign in disgrace," including:

- Making it illegal for citizens to dig transcontinental pipelines,

- Drinking all the milk in the house,

- Breaking into people's trash cans and spreading garbage all over their lawns,

- Convincing a dog to eat some of its own poop.

Ridiculous? Absolutely. But not an inaccurate depiction of some people's tendency to #BlameNotley for pretty much everything.

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