11/14/2016 03:54 EST

The Beaverton Takes Aim At Those Who Blame Rachel Notley For All Of Alberta's Woes

"Rachel Notley convinced my dog to eat his own poop."

Leave it to The Beaverton.

The satire website and television newcomer recently released a farcical video ribbing Alberta premier Rachel Notley.

They take aim at those people who like to blame Notley for every one of Alberta's woes — but the tone is almost a little too accurate.

"Since taking power in 2015 NDP premier Rachel Notley has, according to conservative uncles everywhere, been a disaster for Alberta," the video begins.

It then goes on to blame Notley for setting the Fort McMurray wildfires "in order to decimate the oil industry" — which, unbelievably, is something that people actually accused her of at the time.

(Photo illustration: The Beaverton/YouTube)

Several "Albertans" list off other reasons why they believe Notley should "resign in disgrace," including:

- Making it illegal for citizens to dig transcontinental pipelines,

- Drinking all the milk in the house,

- Breaking into people's trash cans and spreading garbage all over their lawns,

- Convincing a dog to eat some of its own poop.

Ridiculous? Absolutely. But not an inaccurate depiction of some people's tendency to #BlameNotley for pretty much everything.

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