11/15/2016 02:08 EST

How To Clean Your Straightener In 3 Easy Steps

If you own a straightener, we want you to stop what you're doing and think about this question for one second: when was the last time you cleaned your beloved hair tool?

If your answer is 'umm, never?', then we have ourselves a problem.

Before straightening our locks, many of us flat iron addicts put hair oils, serums, heat protectants and texture sprays into our tresses to keep them from getting totally fried in the hot tool. And that's great! Your hair loves protection. But eventually this product builds up in between your plates and it can make for one grimy mess (and overtime, it may even start to smell).

In the video above, we break down the easiest way to get all the gunk off your straightener.

For more tips on how to clean your hair tools, check out the slideshow below:

How To Clean Your Hair Tools

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