11/15/2016 10:10 EST

McDonald's Is Serving A Nutella Burger, But Only In Italy

Move over Big Mac — the Nutella burger is coming for your delicious throne.

McDonald's Italy announced the new menu item last week on the company's Facebook page. Called the "Sweety con Nutella," the yummy treat includes two sweet rolls filled with the popular hazelnut spread. (And no, there is no meat is in this burger.)

The burger will cost two euros and will be served at all 540 McDonald's and McCafés in Italy, according to a press release.

“Sweety is the sweetest burger ever sold at McDonald’s,” read the press release.

Twitter users were quick to celebrate this tasty treat, with some saying it came at just the right time, post-election.

Wouldn't you want to take a bite of that gooey chocolate centre?

According to, McDonald's has already introduced an unusual chocolate food item to their menu. In January, the company started serving the "McChoco Potato" — fries topped with chocolate sauce — in Japan for a limited time.

So, tell us: would you eat a Nutella burger?

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