11/16/2016 04:38 EST

Neighbours Arrest Driver On An Air-Horn Honking Spree

A group of neighbours in a Los Angeles county can rest easy after a serial late-night air horn user was finally arrested.

El Segundo residents had been complaining for weeks about someone honking a horn in the middle of the night, according to NBC.

"The sound of like a train coming through the neighbourhood," police Lt. Ray Garcia told the outlet.

On Sunday, police heard the horrible honk themselves around 4 a.m., according to the department's Facebook page. They pulled over a blue car, and found the "air-horn equipment" inside.

The driver, John Nuggent, was put under citizen's arrest by neighbours. Police weren't able to arrest him because on-duty officers can't be victims of "disturbing the peace."

Nuggent's car was impounded, and police shared the story on Facebook.

'They found the air horn guy!!'

Presumed neighbours were stoked, to say the least.

"They found the air horn guy!!" one woman wrote online.

Nuggent admitted to the honking, and said he was trying to get back at a resident who he'd had a disagreement with, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“I’ve been an officer for over 27 years and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone retaliate using an air horn,” Sgt. Vincent Martinez told the outlet.

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