11/16/2016 12:17 EST

Leonardo Duran Ibanez Dead After Random Edmonton Attack

EDMONTON – A visitor from Colombia has been identified as the man killed in what police are calling a random attack by six people in north Edmonton.

Leonardo Duran Ibanez died of injuries consistent with severe head trauma, an autopsy on Tuesday revealed.

His brother-in-law said he and Ibanez were walking home early Sunday morning after drinks at a local bar, when they were jumped from behind.

“My brother-in-law lifted up the hands,” Elias Malkum told Global News. "He said, 'take it easy. What is wrong? Why are you making fighting? I’m not fighting. I have no problem with you guys.' The guy said, 'I don’t care.' He punched his hand in his face and my brother-in-law falls down. His head broke the fall."

leo ibanez

Leonardo Duran Ibanez was visiting Canada from Colombia. (Photo: Leo Duran/Facebook)

Police spokesman Scott Pattison said Ibanez and Malkum were trying to do the right thing by walking instead of driving after a few drinks.

They were close to home "when things turned terribly wrong," Pattison told The Canadian Press.

"This attack was unprompted and unmotivated."

Malkum told the Edmonton Journal that neighbours called the police while he tried to defend himself and protect Ibanez.

He said they were attacked by four males and two females, and that his brother-in-law suffered multiple kicks to the head.

According to CBC News, paramedics revived Ibanez, but he died in hospital Sunday afternoon.

Ibanez had been in Edmonton visiting family for two months and planned to return to Colombia in early 2017.

Ibanez and Malkum had been speaking Spanish, said Pattison, but it's not believed there were any negative discussions with the attackers.

leo duran ibanez

Leonardo Duran Ibanez died of injuries consistent with severe head trauma. (Photo: Leo Duran/Facebook)

"We believe...the assailants were simply looking to pick a fight," said Pattison. "This attack was unprompted and unmotivated. It's obviously a very heinous attack and situation and extremely traumatizing for the family."

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help raise the thousands of dollars they say are needed to bring Ibanez's body back to Colombia.

Police are asking any witnesses to come forward with information.

With files from The Canadian Press

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