11/18/2016 15:46 EST | Updated 11/19/2017 00:12 EST

Police say they've located a van carrying 16 dogs that was stolen in Toronto

TORONTO — Police in Toronto say they've located a dog-walking company's van that was stolen Friday with 16 pets on board.

They say all the dogs are accounted for and owners were being contacted Friday night to pick up their pets.

Investigators say all of the dogs are in good health.

Jake Steinman, co-owner of Soulmutts Toronto, said the van was stolen when a staff member went to pick up a dog in a condo building on Friday morning.

Steinman had urged whoever took the van to abandon it with the air conditioning on so that the dogs don't overheat.

He said police told the company that three other white cargo vans were taken in the area on Friday and it appeared Soulmutts wasn't targeted.