11/18/2016 04:36 EST | Updated 11/18/2016 08:19 EST

Twitter CEO Sorry For Neo-Nazi Ad Promoted On Social Network

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has apologized for a neo-Nazi ad that was promoted on his social media network.

On Thursday, Dorsey said the company had "made a mistake."

"Our automated system allowed an ad promoting hate," he said.

The ad in question was a promoted tweet that linked to a neo-Nazi website called The New Order. It was spotted and shared by Ariana Lenarsky, a Los Angeles-based musician and writer, according to Motherboard.

Dorsey noted the promoted tweet goes against the company's ad policy, which "prohibits the promotion of hate content, sensitive topics, and violence globally."

His apology came two days after Twitter unveiled new tools to curb online abuse and bullying. The company also suspended several white supremacist — or "alt-right," whatever that means — accounts from its network, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Twitter has been facing a storm of criticism for months over its handling of online abuse and harassment.

In a blog post, the company acknowledged the new tools won't "suddenly" fix the problem — pledging to make rapid improvements to the service based on feedback provided from users.

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