Doctors Remove Wedding Ring From Man's Penis After Case Of 'Penile Strangulation'

Don't try this at home.

Doctors are calling it a rare case of "penile strangulation."

According to the South African Medical Journal, an unnamed man was taken to hospital after squeezing a wedding ring over his penis for erotic pleasure. The journal notes the 28-year-old South African man tried to substitute a wedding ring for a cock ring.

“No proper guidelines exist for the treatment of this condition, so the ‘best method’ is the one with a successful outcome,” the journal noted.

According to the report, the wedding ring got stuck and caused the patient's penis to swell — doctors even tried using a small surgical saw to remove it.

After failed attempts with a saw (it got too close to the sex organ), doctors made multiple punctures with a syringe to decrease swelling.

Eventually, the man was sent home with pain killers and antibiotics.

In a similar case, one Chinese man got his wedding band stuck on his penis for two full days, reports. Doctors had to remove the ring using a very delicate operation. Ouch.

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