11/21/2016 02:50 EST

China School Commute: Students Get Steel Ladder To Help With Death-Defying Climb

Before, they were using a wooden ladder to climb a 2,600-foot cliff.

Students in a remote area of China now have a steel ladder to help with their death-defying commute to school.

The children live in Dawushi Village in Sichuan province and they are part of the Yi ethnic group. To get to school, they have to climb a 2,600-foot cliff.

Back in May, images of the treacherous school commute went viral on social media. The children are seen making their way up the cliff in single-file, using wooden ladders to get to the top.

The school children had to make this climb at the beginning and end of school holidays, since they boarded at the school. At least seven people are reported to have died trying to make the commute.

“Every single climb felt like rubbing shoulders with death,” said photographer Chen Jie, who accompanied the children to take the photos that were shared many times over again.

BBC reports that the new ladder was built in early November and the villagers say it has made the trek a lot faster.

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