11/21/2016 12:47 EST

McDonald's Canada Signs Deal With WestJet To Serve Coffee Aboard Flights

The coffee wars have reached new heights.

McDonald's Canada announced on Monday it has inked a deal with WestJet to serve coffee on the Calgary-based airline's flights.

"The collaboration between our two caring brands is a perfect pairing, as McCafé's values are reflected in WestJet's commitment to offer an unmatched guest experience," said Gregg Saretsky, WestJet's CEO, in a press release.

westjet mcdonalds coffee

The fast food giant hopes you'll be lovin' it up in the air. (Photo: WestJet/McDonald's)

WestJet's regional airline, Encore, will also carry the fast food giant's McCafé brand.

The deal will see around 30,000 cups of McDonald's coffee served on more than 140 flights every day. The java will come in "unique" WestJet and McDonald's cups.

Saretsky told The Canadian Press the airline's McCafé coffee will be slightly different than the coffee served in McDonald's restaurants because people's taste buds aren't as sensitive at flying altitude.

westjet mcdonalds coffee

The deal will see around 30,000 cups of McDonald's coffee served on more than 140 WestJet flights every day. (Photo: CP/Getty)

The WestJet announcement, which the airline described as an "unprecedented" step, sees the coffee competition take to the skies.

Air Canada currently serves Second Cup coffee on its flights, while smaller player Porter Airlines has partnered up with Starbucks.

"We've always believed that the sky is the limit for McCafé – and today this officially rings true," McDonald's Canada President John Betts said.

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