11/21/2016 10:24 EST

Migraine Food Triggers And What To Eat For Relief

Chocolate and wine aren't the only triggers.

The cause of a migraine varies for all sufferers, but researchers say there is a link between migraines and the foods we consume.

In the video above by The List, Dr. Natasha Bhuyan reveals three foods migraine sufferers should avoid.

"Most people think that chocolate and wine are the common triggers for headaches, but there's so many more foods that trigger headaches than just those," said Dr. Bhuyan. For starters, foods that contain sulfites, like dried fruits, are a major trigger. While wine contains sulfites too, Dr. Bhuyan notes dried apricots contain five times the amount of sulfites than a glass of vino.

According to the Cleveland Clinic other food triggers include aged cheeses, processed foods and caffeine.

But not all foods are bad for migraines. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) suggests consuming cooked fruits and vegetables, rice and condiments with reduced amounts of sodium. As far as drinks go, the PCRM suggests sticking to water as other beverages, including teas, can be triggers.

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