11/21/2016 10:28 EST

Ryan Reynolds Offers Hilarious Tips For Dads In The Delivery Room

Ryan Reynolds has learned a thing or two about being in the delivery room after having two kids with wife Blake Lively. These include how not to piss off your partner while they’re in labour and about knowing your place.

“You really want to realize that you’re the least important thing in the room,” Reynolds hilariously explains in an interview with GQ magazine. “It’s gonna go your wife, the baby, the doctor, the nurse, a doula if you have one… the air.”

Watch the video above for more of Reynold’s hilarious tips for dads in the delivery room.

The 40-year-old actor and his wife have two children. Their eldest, James, turns two next month, and their youngest was born in September.

While the couple didn’t reveal the name or sex of their newest addition, Reynolds accidentally let it slip earlier this month that they have two daughters.

“Two under two is tough! Lot of estrogen,” the Vancouver-born star said on “Conan.”

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