11/21/2016 03:12 EST | Updated 12/26/2016 03:56 EST

What It's Like For Second-Gen Canadians To Come Out To Their Parents

To be honest, it's a mix of all kinds of emotions.

As children of immigrants, coming out to your folks is a mix of emotions.

Some second-generation Canadians' families can be open-minded and accepting, while other families, especially those from cultures that don't fully understand LGBTQ, can make it hard for their queer children to just be themselves.

In the video above for our Born and Raised series, we talked to four second-gen Canadians on their own experiences of coming out to their loved ones.

From how they did it to their parents' reactions, you will quickly learn from their stories that coming out to immigrant parents isn't always simple. For some parents, their queer children are the only queer people they know.

Watch the full video above and let us know your own experiences in the comments below.

Born And Raised is an ongoing series by The Huffington Post Canada that shares the experiences of second-generation Canadians. Part reflection, part storytelling, this series on the children of immigrants explores what it means to be born and raised in Canada. We want to hear your stories — join the conversation on Twitter at #BornandRaised or send us an email at

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