11/22/2016 17:40 EST | Updated 11/23/2017 00:12 EST

Man seriously wounded after police-involved shooting in Calgary parking lot

CALGARY — EMS says a man was rushed to hospital in critical, life-threatening condition after what police are calling an officer-involved shooting in Calgary.

It happened in the parking lot of the Bowmont Shopping Centre on Tuesday afternoon.

Witnesses say a pickup truck was surrounded by several vehicles containing plainclothes police officers who opened fire immediately.

Bullet holes could be seen in the truck's rear window.

Police say no officers were injured and two people are currently in custody, including the man who was shot.

It's the ninth officer-involved shooting in Calgary in 2016; three have been fatal.

As is protocol in any officer-involved shooting, the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is investigating.

“I was just coming in in my pick-up truck to do a little grocery shopping and I was shocked at how fast things went down," witness Stephen Gibson told CTV Calgary.

"There's a blue crew cab Dodge back there that ripped into the parking lot, cut off a small civilian-driven vehicle, and then very, very quickly, police were right on it, there were shots fired immediately, there wasn't any hesitation."

(CHQR, CTV Calgary)