11/24/2016 03:31 EST

Los Angeles Traffic Ahead Of U.S. Thanksgiving Looks Like Our Worst Nightmare

And you thought traffic in Vancouver and Toronto was awful.

This pre-Thanksgiving crawl in Los Angeles on Wednesday was slow enough that one broadcaster dubbed it a vehicle version of the viral "mannequin challenge."

A helicopter from ABC7 News captured the absolute zoo that was the Interstate 405 that evening.

L.A.'s traffic is infamous — the city deals with the worst congestion in the U.S., according to Forbes.

But Wednesday's jam was particularly special, so much so that nearly 200,000 people shared ABC7 News' Facebook post.

"It's called the 405 because you only go 4 or 5 mph," one person joked.

Another commenter tried to be positive, saying she was on the freeway that night and was "blessed" to have the money to pay for gas and for her car.

"I'm blessed to have a destination I'm headed towards. Okay positivity done. Happy Turkey Day y'all!" she wrote.

Whatever you say, Stacy Alvary-Smith.

You can see more images of the crazy traffic in the video above.

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