11/24/2016 06:18 EST

3 Easy Party Hacks Professional Butlers Swear By

Easy tricks from the pros.

Let's face it: accidents, as embarrassing as they are, happen.

All it takes is a wobbly table or a bumped elbow to end up with red wine all over your pristine white shirt. And even if you manage to steer clear of spills, broken nails or sharp edges can create tears on all sorts of fabrics.

If you're at home when these incidents occur, the solution is simple: simply wash or toss the garment. However, treating these scenarios is a little tricker if you're away from home — just don't use that as an excuse to panic.

In the video above, Clarence McLeod, General Manager of Alberta's Azuridge Estate and North America's only gilded butler, shares three simple hacks to solve the most embarrassing party blunders.

Watch the video to learn how to eliminate red wine stains, lift away spilled candle wax and fix holes and tears without a needle nor thread.