11/24/2016 11:23 EST | Updated 11/24/2016 11:35 EST

Sandra Jansen Death Threats Lead To Extra Security Detail

EDMONTON – A day after Sandra Jansen stood in the legislature and read some of the online harassment she had received since crossing the floor from the PCs to the governing NDP, the province has given the MLA extra security.

Officials said the member for Calgary-North West had received more threats since she ended her PC leadership bid and switched parties, so the Executive Protection Unit will be with her for the time being.

Jansen confirmed to Postmedia that those threats include death threats.

She had a security escort with her in the legislature Wednesday.

sandra jansen

Sandra Jansen has been the victim of threats, including violent threats and death threats, since her decision to cross the floor from the Alberta PC Party to the Alberta NDP. (Photo: Dean Bennett/The Canadian Press)

She called it a "precaution'' and said she feels safer with added protection.

Jansen has urged her colleagues to help fight abuse directed at politicians and hopes those sending the threatening messages will think twice about what they post online.

She said what goes on social media has a real impact.

"We're human beings; there are a lot of women watching, there are lots of young people watching, I don't want them to ever get the idea that this isn't the kind of job where they can have an impact on the world.''

Jansen said despite the nasty comments, she has also received a number of messages of support; she said she's received encouraging emails and messages from people around the world.

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