11/24/2016 09:36 EST

The Sexiest Chefs Of 2016, According To People Magazine

A former underwear model who heads a Peruvian rotisserie restaurant in New York has been named People magazine's sexiest chef alive 2016.

For proof voyeurs need look no further than Franco Noriega's Instagram account, which alternates between photos of food porn and gratuitous shots of (the real) naked chef.

franco noriega Mmmmm.

Baby Brasa is Noriega's first New York restaurant and is modelled after traditional pollerias, part of Peruvian street food cuisine.

As the food blog Eater points out, aside from Noriega, the rest of the list is conspicuously occupied by “older” chef gentlemen.

Or in the less delicate words of Eater editors, “LOL People's ‘Sexiest Chef' List Includes a Bunch of Dudes Over 50.”

“...if we're going to get down and dirty and objectify some men can we at least put a little more effort into it?” lament editors for the lack of more drool-worthy chefs of the six-packed Noriega genre.

anthony bourdain Chef and "Appetites: A Cookbook" author Anthony Bourdain also made the list.

Ironically, editors applaud People in their non-ageist selection, but also make a mockery of it.

The list is also conspicuously absent of female chefs.

Here are the hottest chefs of 2016 according to People magazine:

  • Franco Noriega
  • Louis Maldonado
  • Ludo Lefebvre
  • Gabriele Corcos
  • Edouardo Jordan
  • James Briscione
  • Bryan Voltaggio
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Tom Colicchio
  • Paul Hollywood
  • Alton Brown

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